Welcome to the captivating world of Adicciōn mezcal, a unique sensory experience that fuses traditional Mexican heritage with contemporary elegance. Crafted with passion and expertise in Oaxaca, Mexico, our mezcal embodies the very essence of culture, quality and sophistication.

Exceptional Mezcal :

Our carefully selected agaves are grown
cultivated in the fertile, sun-drenched soils
of Oaxaca, giving birth to a mezcal of incomparable
aromatic richness. Each sip
transports you to the picturesque landscapes of
emblematic region of Mexico.

An Artisanal

We celebrate the traditional methods
mezcal-making passed down from generation
from generation to generation. Every step, from the meticulous
meticulous harvesting of the agaves to distillation in our
distillation in our copper stills, is steeped in know-how
and explanation.

A strong, complex taste

The taste of mezcal is a complex, spellbinding symphony that captivates the taste buds with its multiple aromatic facets.
Each sip is a sensory experience that reveals a range of unique flavors, from smoky, earthy notes to fruity, spicy nuances.


Adiccion mezcal is characterized by its distinctive
distinctive smoky taste, inherited from the process of cooking
of the agave hearts, called piñas, in earthen kilns
covered with hot stones. This
traditional method gives mezcal
subtly balanced smoky aromas with earthy
earthy touches, reminiscent of the
landscapes where agave is grown.


Alongside these more robust notes, our mezcal
presents delicate, intoxicating nuances of
fruit and flowers. Hints of citrus and red fruit
mingle with the subtle floral aromas of cooked
of cooked agave, creating a harmonious, refined