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Founded on the desire to preserve nature and the wonders it has to offer, Adicciōn is a tequila that owes its unmistakable taste to a passion for travel, a love of the terroir and the stories of its artisans. The richness of sun, earth and fire combined with the heart of agave leads us to rediscover the unique flavors of an ancestral woody and vanilla nectar. Adicciōn aims to be ethical and responsible, in keeping with the family union of Jimadores it represents. Respect for tradition, the transmission of know-how perpetuated over time, result in the maintenance of excellence. With its atypical design, this handcrafted ceramic bottle is transformed into an ornamental art form, delightfully embracing the infinity of decorations. The result of a Franco-Mexican symbiosis, Adicciōn reveals the quality of a long-term collaboration between Mexican craftsmen and French creativity.